Updating kernel ps3 ubuntu

15-Feb-2020 05:32

In order to copy games and official backups to and from your Vita, the official content manager assistant application will not work anymore.

You can however use Codestation‘s tool QCMA which allows you to do the exact same things, offline.

updating kernel ps3 ubuntu-85

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But if you're on 3.55 then you'll need to get a usb jig of some sort, I'm not 100% sure if theres a way to install CFW without a usb jig. Besides the ps3 issues I think the last version of ubuntu for the ps3 is 9.04(April 2009) which is not supported anymore for security updates(plus outdated versions of applications), for more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Play Station_3.It is unlikely Team molecule will be working on that kind of feature, and although other hackers might be looking into it, there’s no guarantee anyone will succeed. I've spent 3 days on this...ready to throw my chromebook out. I just bought a DELL Inspiron 5570 laptop and it’s OS it’s Ubuntu 16.04 Lts.It seems things might not be that simple as the PS Vita would reject a game that was “backed up” from a higher firmware.

I don’t have a way to confirm this statement directly, I appreciate if you can relate your experience in the comments!We should, therefore, keep checking for kernel updates and upgrade to the one that suits us.