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28-Jul-2020 23:36

Really - it is worth it to spend a little more to get lifetime maps and traffic on a new model which will have more internal storage and the ability to add a SD micro card.

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Once the operating system is installed - then go to this web page for maps - you will have to purchase new maps, unless your unit came with unlimited updates (free maps are only good for the first 90 days).So I have 2013.40 installed on the external memory card.I'm using a Class 4 card so the map loads very quickly on boot.The drawback of that is external memory draws more power, so using an external memory card is going to hurt battery life.

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I have a Garmin Street Pilot c330 that is several years old. Disconnect the Garmin from your computer and install the program first.And seriously, if you work for Garmin and you're reading this, check out this cool new technology. So to update my wife's unit as well as my own, I'd have to order two DVDs, for 8. Even the RIAA doesn't expect me to buy two copies of every CD just because I'm married. You just have to know that the nearest Mc Donald's is in the XYZ Shopping Center, and ask for directions to that.