Updating norton emergency disks Freeadultchanel

07-Jun-2020 15:06

Also, I wanted to know if there were any dangers\/troubles from having both installed on my comp, what would they be?Thanks a bunch...(I am running Windows ME, if that helps... I just wanted to know a few opinions about which is better against virus protection and removal - Norton or Mc Afee.

Could someone tell me which one I should choose, or if I could keep the both of them...Symantec is updating Norton Ghost, which clones a system for easier upgrade, backup, and recovery functions, by adding Microsoft Corp.Windows XP support and network functions useful to small businesses.Multiuser packages for businesses will also be available.

Friendlier Approach The market leader in enterprise-level disk imaging products, Symantec has previously differentiated Norton Ghost from its more powerful Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition by cutting out some of the high-end features, such as the capability to multicast data over a network.The new version of the program, announced this week, will be available on 15 September and is priced at AUD9.95.