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21-Nov-2020 16:04

High Sierra 10.13.6 can be downloaded from the App Store or updated from an earlier version on the update page. If you would like to download a full version of 10.13.6 instead using the update tab in the App Store you will need to first delete Install mac OS High Sierra from Applications folder if it exists.Here’s the links: This update is not automatic, when the computer reboots after installing in the app store you will have to select: Install mac OS from “drive_name” to complete the update in Clover EFI Bootloader. twice in Clover EFI Bootloader as the first time it rebooted before completion, while the second time it finished the install.The machine soft-reboots into an installer that is supposed to get things ready.It creates a special software update volume on your hard drive, and then reboots.That meant my original directory before applying any upgrades.I was able to recover most of the files from an EFI backup on my Hackintosh’s hard drive, but I was left with an inoperable system for a bit.When you update your beta build on a real Mac, it’s almost seamless.

That had me stumped a bit, since I’d never encountered it with my build.I had to use my secondary Mac to download the rest of the needed drivers and kexts, then transfer them over to the Hackintosh. I had already inserted the Firmware Features value, upgraded Clover, and was ready to try the update again.This time, everything went as it should, and I’m now running High Sierra Developer Beta 8 on my Hackintosh.Finally, after some research and tinkering, I was able to update Hackintosh High Sierra successfully. I certainly never needed it when I tried to update Hackintosh High Sierra.

Here’s what seems to have changed in the latest developer and public beta builds.If all you care about is how to get past the firmware problem, here’s the solution.