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21-Aug-2020 19:28

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In contrast to quantum key distribution where unconditional security can be achieved based only on the laws of quantum physics, in the case of various tasks in mistrustful cryptography there are no-go theorems showing that it is impossible to achieve unconditionally secure protocols based only on the laws of quantum physics.

However, some of these tasks can be implemented with unconditional security if the protocols not only exploit quantum mechanics but also special relativity.

While quantum key distribution is seemingly secure, its applications face the challenge of practicality.

This is due to transmission distance and key generation rate limitations. proposed a scheme that can possibly overcome the "rate-distance limit".

Key distribution does not belong to the area of mistrustful cryptography.

Mistrustful quantum cryptography studies the area of mistrustful cryptography using quantum systems.

Quantum cryptography attributes its beginning by the work of Stephen Wiesner and Gilles Brassard.together do not directly imply that given a commitment and a quantum channel one can perform secure multi-party computation.

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