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12-Mar-2020 04:57

This publication is published by Affinity Insurance Services, Inc., with headquarters at 159 East County Line Road, Hatboro, PA 19040-1218. This Policy addresses the retention and disposal of Fordham University’s Records as defined in Section II below.Furthermore, the “statute of limitations” may be relevant in setting your records maintenance and retention policy; this pertains to the number of years after an injury or its discovery that a client has to file a suit.The statute of limitations for both negligence and breach of contract actions should be checked, since the latter period might apply in a complaint alleging breach of confidentiality.At the conclusion of the retention period, the Records should be properly disposed of under this Policy.Requests to deviate from or modify this Policy or these retention periods must be made to and approved by the University Records Retention and Disposal Committee.D., an attorney licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Neither Affinity Insurance Services, Inc., HPSO, nor CNA assumes any liability for how this information is applied in practice or for the accuracy of this information. (CA 0795465); in CA, Aon Affinity Insurance Services, Inc., (0G94493), Aon Direct Insurance Administrator and Berkely Insurance Agency and in NY and NH, AIS Affinity Insurance Agency.

The University requires that Records be retained for specific periods of time, taking into account legal or other institutional requirements.

The retention periods set forth in the attached Records Retention and Disposal Schedule are the minimum retention periods required by the University.

There is no “one size fits all” answer to the question of how long to keep records. CNA makes no representations as to its correctness or completeness and accepts no liability for any injury or damage that may arise from its use.

If you carefully consider the options listed above, and obtain advice from your personal attorney, malpractice company and licensure board, you will be well-positioned to make a reasonable decision that fits your particular practice. Specific legal or medical questions should be referred to a competent attorney or medical professional before applying this material in any particular factual situations.If you treat children, you may wish to keep them until the time they reach the age of majority.