Updating wordpress version

21-Jun-2020 02:16

If anything does go wrong, you can simply roll back to the backup and everything is well again while you snoop around to figure out what went wrong.

Because this is Word Press, backups are super easy with the right plugin.

Worry that something will irreparably break each time you follow that little orange bubble to the update button? To give you an idea: Sucuri, a global leader in website security, released its regular quarterly security report for the 1st quarter of 2016 a few months back.

Follow this short guide to make sure you update Word Press safely and without fear of weirdness compromising your hard work! Word Press is leading the CMS market with over 60% market share…

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I strongly encourage to test the things locally first or on the test/staging server, because some options might be affected with the updates.Even better than the security of a backup, you can clone your website and update the clone.