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16-Mar-2020 11:09

So um yes, both of my kids are sporting "hawks" Kylie has a trendy faux hawk and Madden has his signature mohawk. It is laying down more now, but I miss the mohawk so I brought it back on this special picture taking occasion.

- Beat Leagues, Showdowns or Seasons (20-40 Carrots per win). #NBALIVEMobile pic.twitter.com/Q7w3AOQLd8 Spring: Find the eggs by completing various mystery tasks throughout the game. Hopstep as a boost item and the Spring Court with 5% currency boost and 2 Scoring with Contact.Boys & Girls Clubs of Union County received a donation from New Jersey American Water Field Operations BAPP Team to support programs at its Plainfield Club.The BAPP Team held a bar-b-cue that included a fundraising Dunk Tank, where Manager, Mike Bange, took the plunge for the club's members.According to EA’s Facebook page, Madden 17 Update 1.11 fixes a bug in Play-a-Friend games where a player’s profile settings weren’t being recognized and loading like they should.

An issue with the scoreboard display in online MUT and Draft Champions is also corrected.

Madden 17 Update 1.11 took care of an issue where declining to download a new commentary, or powering up the game from rest mode caused a serious lag in game play, and menu screens.