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21-Aug-2020 14:12

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I hear the frustration in my client’s voices when they first enter my office, looking at me as they slowly place their relationship in my hands.

They start with the presenting issue and describe for me the source of motivation for therapy.

When couples are in the honeymoon stage, everything they do and say is driven by the neurochemicals.

As biological anthropologist Helen Fisher studied, not only is there a surge of “feel good” chemicals when we are falling in love, but the neural pathway responsible for negative emotions such as fear and judgement is deactivated.

It was always planned but most couples don’t set the stage up for it the way they used to.

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Aron and his colleagues found that couples who jointly engage in new and/or exciting activities were more satisfied with their relationships.Continue the ritual of kissing one another goodbye and embracing each other when you reunite, sending a thoughtful message midday, making reservations, expressing what you love about one another, etc.Falling in love might be out of your control but staying in love requires work. We all have a schedule we like to adhere to but when life becomes monotonous, so too does your perception of your relationship.An added bonus is remembering something you used to enjoy and then planning to do it again.

Self-care is one of the most important elements to keeping the desire alive.

Exiting the honeymoon stage means love is now a verb.

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