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Even placing your finger on the back of the sensor can adversely affect performance.Outdoor use Direct sunlight on the receiver can affect the IR performance.For best results, insert more than one piece of paper into the receiver clip to prevent accidental movement of the receiver. Inkling can replace scanning in your workflow in certain scenarios – when rough sketches are used at the beginning of a workflow and will be edited, for example. Using templates, rulers and straightedges can interfere with the signal between the pen sensor and the receiver. No, Inkling only works with Intel-based Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Ink refills can be purchased from Wacom Online e Stores or from stationary stores that sell pen accessories. Inkling uses a standard USB mini-B receptacle cable.Please refer to the tips section for more detailed information. Using templates, rulers and straightedges is not recommended with Inkling. Direct sunlight on the receiver interferes with the IR signal. Please refer to the system requirements for more details. The original Inkling USB cable can be replaced by contacting your local Wacom service center, or a standard USB cable can be purchased from stores where computer accessories are sold.Sketching surface Inkling performs best when sketching on a flat, rigid surface such as a desk, table or sketchbook.Poor results may occur if the Inkling receiver is located on uneven drawing surfaces where the receiver is not on a flat, level plane with the drawing.Sketch Manager settings To adjust user settings within Sketch Manager, first press the Previewer button which is circled above in red. Paper orientation and receiver position Choose Mapping from within the Tools menu to select your receiver position and paper orientation.Click threshold setting Adjust the Click Threshold from within the Tools menu to change the starting pressure.

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Inkling is warranted to be accurate to within ± 2.5 mm towards the center of the page and ± 5.0 mm at the edges.

Receiver position The receiver can be placed on the top, bottom, right side or left side of the page.

The best position will allow you to draw freely without your hand obstructing the line of sight between the pen and receiver.

The main factors that can affect the accuracy of Inkling are the line of sight between the pen sensors (located in the pen tip area starting just below the widest point of the pen) and the receiver, the stroke speed, direct sunlight on the receiver, the position of the receiver, ultrasonic noise, and other "white" noise at certain frequencies. How do I replace my ink refills after they run out?

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Make sure that the Inkling receiver is properly attached to the paper sheet or notebook. Inkling uses standard mini ballpoint 1.0 mm size refills.Environmental factors Ultrasonic signals, such as those found in some lighting control systems, may adversely affect performance.