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08-Jun-2020 10:21

The key to a super marriage relationship is KNOWLEDGE—the correct knowledge—and the correct application of the knowledge.It’s been said that “If any topic interest you and you REALLY want to become successful in it, you must have read books equal to your age.” At least, you should have read 15 books on how to build a marriage relationship, listened to several messages, learn from MENTOR(S), etc. mother, Louise Munroe, who laid an excellent foundation in the. Munroe unveils the reality and power of the Kingdom you.

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Thus, we have established two key principles that are necessary for success in marriage relationship: (i.) A Solid Plan (ii.) KNOWLEDGE (or Godly Wisdom) for executing those plans.

Standing firm on what you believe in is a sign of both spiritual and emotional maturity.

A non-sexual massage will familiarise (or refamiliarise) you with your partner's body, reduce stress, and reaffirm the intimacy between you.… continue reading »

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