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Commemorations are for individuals or events which have been noteworthy in the life of the Church and in the history of Lutheranism in particular.

These days do not take precedence over any other festival day, and if there is a conflict between a commemoration and a festival of any other rank, the commemoration is generally transferred to the next open weekday.

The Lutheran calendar operates on two different cycles: the Temporal Cycle and the Sanctoral Cycle.

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For example, if September 13 fell on a Sunday and there was a desire to commemorate St.

Lesser Festivals do not have priority over festivals and technically do not have precedence over ordinary Sundays.

However, the Lutheran Book of Worship does permit the celebration of a Lesser Festival on Sundays where the normal color of the day would be green (that is, seasons after Epiphany or after Pentecost) or on the Sundays in Christmas.

The purpose of the liturgical calendar is to guide commemorations as a part of the daily worship of the Lutheran Church.

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There is some variation associated with the observance of the calendar, as each Lutheran Church creates its own calendar and each congregation must choose independently how many individuals will be commemorated within a given year and how many festivals and lesser festivals they will publicly celebrate, especially if they do not coincide with a Sunday.

The basic element to the calendar is Sunday, which is a festival of Jesus’ resurrection.