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Revenue sharing components are highlighted in red in the chart below.In this model, all revenue sharing is passed through the fund to the plan’s service providers.In this example, the fund has a gross expense ratio of 1.25%.To help satisfy responsibilities under ERISA when it comes to measuring fees, plan fiduciaries must understand each component and be able to assess its reasonableness in relation to the services provided.The investment manager receives the investment management fee as direct compensation.Revenue Sharing for Fee-Based Plans Some recordkeepers have the ability to credit back revenue sharing fees to the plan.By Kelly Kurtz & John Higgins As many plan fiduciaries can attest, retirement plan fees can be extremely complex and difficult to understand.This is due in large part to the lack of transparency surrounding plan fees and services, as well as the complicated and varying methods in which service providers are compensated.

Passive Revenue Share Ltd is a reliable Company with a flawless reputation that works in the sphere of Forex trading and involved in the financial activity on the London Stock Exchange.if the customer buys the partner´s product, the software vendor gets a share of the partner´s revenue.

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