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In 2002 he joined Irish Whip Wrestling IWW but has a serious injury and left wrestling for 2 years.He professionally joined WWE in 2009 and became four time world champion, three time heavyweight champion, two time United States champions and many others. For more information about WWE wrestler Sheamus, about his family photos, wife name, age, height and weight, please scroll down. According to him, his family has done their best to make his career bright. He usually keeps mum about his family but always celebrates his happy occasions with them.He broke the record as the fastest wrestler to earn the WWE Triple Crown and became the second OVW Triple Crown Champion.He was in a relationship with fellow wrestler Amy Dumas in 2009; he later married wrestler, AJ Lee, in 2014.Of course, we will have to follow the results of this week's WWE Main Event to see if the suspicions about Lee receiving heat over Punk are accurate.If she does lose cleanly to Natalya, and on a little-watched "B" show, no less, it's a very strong indication that Lee has fallen out of favor with the people in power.Currently, Punk’s tweet to his wife has over 3,000 favorites and retweets.

And the experience hasn't put CM Punk off returning to the Octagon: "In life, you go big or you go home. After he walked out the day after the Royal Rumble in 2014, the former indie darling was removed from the WWE roster in July.

Born Phillip Brooks, he became a World Heavyweight Champion and broke the record as the longest reigning champion in the WWE.

He began backyard wrestling in the 1990s with his brother and friends before enrolling in wrestling school.

So, if you are counting at home, Punk’s tweet went viral, sort of.

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Either way, give credit to both of them for going public with their marriage for the first time.This versatile wrestler started his professional journey by playing rugby for her college in Ireland.