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In 2010, Lusha wrote Boopity Boop Writers Her First Poem.Lusha chose poetry as the subject matter for her children's book because, "While some mothers sing lullabies to their children, my mother read me poetry," she said."And to this day, I associate my strongest and most insistent feelings with words lyrically organized on a page." In an interview, Lusha revealed that she completed her novel, The Besa, in one month, writing from 6am until 8pm every day while forgetting to eat.For her writing, Lusha also says, "In any art form, we have a responsibility to infuse a little color, compassion, movement into our society. It must impact, animate a little tug and pull in our world to stay alive and relevant." Lusha launched her career as a model and theater actress in Michigan.Without a past, Renee is forced to face a new reality with emerging challenges. Ferrante, it is reported that the role was written with Lusha in mind.In a 2016 interview, Lusha credited her childhood memories as refugee for the drive behind her efforts as a humanitarian.

Upon entering the drama department, Lusha then portrayed the role of Cinderella in the play, The Last Dress Rehearsal and Belle in Beauty and the Beast.She also portrayed an Umpa Lumpa and a Tap-Dancing Box in the play, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.Soon after moving to California, Lusha was selected as the principle fashion model in a multinational Back-to-School J. Penney television campaign which aired in America and South America, and was cast in the Alanis Morissette music video "Hands Clean".In 2007, the character was written off the show due to "creative differences".

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In December 2009, Lusha joined the original cast of George Lopez for a televised reunion on Lopez Tonight.

Lusha portrayed the love interest Molly in the episode "Charlie and Sean Fight Over A Girl".