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The couple move in together and Matt films a porn movie with her in an effort to spice up their sex life.

Matt confesses to Sean that he knows Kimber only married him to get back at Christian, but he really does love her.

Through Christian he also has a 24 year old half-sister named Emme Lowell.

He is approximately 16 years of age at the beginning of the show's first season.

In truth, this is nothing but a ruse to get money to pay for his and Kimber's spiraling addiction to crystal meth.

Kimber tries to return to the porn industry, but is shot down by producer Ram Peters due to her habit.

In Season 2, Sean and Julia decided to hire a life-coach to help Matt boost his self-esteem. Matt began to have a sexual relationship with Ava and he fell deeply in love with her. Matt was devastated when she left the country and him behind.

He claims that he is now poor because Kimber gave all their money to Scientology, and that he has left her.Matt converts, only in the hopes of sleeping with her.Kimber encourages Matt to move out of the Mc Namara home due to it being "toxic", and ends up cleaning roadsides as part of his religious training.Although he isn't as much of a ruffian in the beginning, it is implied that he was a delinquent in his early years, as Sean says to Christian, "I too many years trying to corral your bad genetics". This all started in Season 1 when he decided that he needed a circumcision.

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When his father told him that he could not get one, Matt decided to perform the operation himself. Once he got himself drunk on wine, he made one cut, saw the blood and passed out.He walked in on her kissing another cheerleader, Ridley.

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