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But 36-year-old Tegan and Sara are, unsurprisingly, more complex than those three points allow.After all, they’ve been performing and creating together professionally for almost two decades.A few months later, they appeared onstage at a Taylor Swift show; less than a year after that, they toured with Katy Perry.(The twins’ talent seems to be the one thing the feuding stars can agree on.) The transition was complete. While snagged Juno Awards, a Polaris Prize nomination and critical acclaim, diehard fans struggled with the shift.She wanted their music to be something different; it had started to feel inauthentic.

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An anecdote is told about Mickey— one of Sara’s two Internet-famous cats and the subject of copious amounts of fan art—who, the previous evening, had taken a flying leap from the deck of the Silverlake home Sara shares with her girlfriend, Stacy Reader.(Spoiler: he didn’t get the job.) “It took a lot of years and a lot of apologizing for us to get to this place.