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This forced them to make their relationship public and it got people talking.

She was accused of adultery – her husband filed for divorce No sooner had the news of her pregnancy with Simon’s child gone public, her husband filed for an at-fault divorce on the grounds of adultery and named Simon as a co-respondent.

In fact, it was her husband who introduced her to Simon, a close friend of his for many years.

Together with her ex-husband, their friendship with Simon grew and they would occasionally go on holiday together, the three of them. He has been linked to Terri Seymour, an entertainment journalist and the famous markup artist Mezhgan Hussainy who he was once engaged to from 2010 to 2011 but unfortunately, it never worked out.

Andrew is said to have felt so betrayed by the two, calling Simon a cheating home-wrecker.

Their divorce was finalized in November the same year; 2013.

The couple is said to have fallen in love with a house in Manhattan the minute they saw it.In her early 20s she met a property developer, Andrew Silverman. In 2006 after the birth of their son, Adam Silverman, Lauren settled into motherhood and decided to be actively involved in raising her son as a stay at home mother.Her husband Andrew on the other hand immersed himself in his business where he travelled a lot leaving Lauren alone and lonely.It is rumored that it is this long separation that started causing strain in their marriage.

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Her father accused Andrew of being a cold and uncaring husband.

On Valentine’s day, February 14, 2014, Lauren gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, who they named Eric after Simon’s father. If I had them here (In my house) drawing lines on the walls I would go nuts.