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17-Nov-2019 21:51

The character, played by Tim Rozon, was a recurring figure in the first two seasons of the Canadian sitcom.

Rozon guest-starred in two later episodes but many fans have wondered why his role greatly diminished.

So how about we find out just who Tim Rozon really is, what makes him tick, how he viewed the audition process for the show, if he really plays the piano, and what other projects this busy guy has going on in his life.

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Heading into Season 3, what can we expect from the pair of sometimes-lovers?

Sometimes people who come to the restaurant are suprised to see me working so hard.

Can you give us any hints or sneak peeks on what is to come?

So I auditioned while I was shooting something else. About how long does it take to film one show of Instant Star? You’ve been in movies and on TV, would you say filming for each is different or the same and how?

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I still can’t drive stick and every car I get on Instant Star is manual!!! The relationship survived until the middle of season 2 when Alexis seemed to lose interest after Mutt shaved his beard.