Who is tushar kapoor dating

05-May-2020 17:58

Eventually, it is quite likely that Ekta may have indulged in some punishing ear-twisting of little bro since it is said that Radhika was seen missing from a reunion party thrown for the crew and actors of the film.Tusshar was present though but was seen having a grim expression all throughout the party.Looking at the entire episode, one wonders what was Tusshar exactly thinking, and why didn’t Radhika react in a timely manner?Most insiders and Bollywood observers have fabricated their own Tusshar Kapoor marriage conspiracy theory, which states that the entire episode was nothing but a carefully crafted publicity stunt.

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Tusshar even said in an interview that he and Radhika get along really well, and they both share a lot of common interests.

Tusshar Kapoor is one actor who manages to check all that unusual boxes in the star-kid checklist of must-haves.

Son of a legendary actor referred to as ‘Jumping Jack’, check. Films that do better in which he speaks little to nothing, double check!

She was, and is still known, for her choice of working in unconventional offbeat cinema and for her share of wild controversies.

It is said Tusshar got attracted towards her oomph quotient.Although they were never spotted in public, those working for the movie confirmed seeing the couple getting cozy often.