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The NES proved that emphatically wasn't the case, providing the foundations on which much of Nintendo still rests on today; after a soft launch in New York, the system went on to a rapturous reception when it launched nationwide in North America in 1986, accompanied by an epoch-making line-up of 17 excellent games, including the indelible Super Mario Bros.(Sometimes there are advantages to taking two-and-a-half years to cross the Pacific.) And how did it do in the end?The market in America was still feeling the repercussions of the video game crash that had seen revenues drop by some 97 per cent.Even within Nintendo itself, Minoru Arakawa, the founder of Nintendo of America, expressed concern that the video game fad had passed for good.(Pedant's corner: for the purposes of this article we decided not to classify Color-TV Game and Game & Watch as game consoles in the modern sense.Oh, and if anyone can unearth or remember the UK launch prices for NES, Game Boy and GBA, do let us know in the comments!The company has been written off by the wider games industry more times than you can count and invariably bounces back with something surprising, sometimes even game-changing, that ensures its success for another decade or so.

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Launch date: April 1989 (Japan), July 1989 (North America), September 1990 (Europe) UK launch price: Unknown, .99 in the US Number of launch games in the UK: 4 Key launch games: Tetris, Super Mario Land Lifetime unit sales: 119 million How was the launch perceived?

) Launch date: July 1983 (Japan, as Family Computer), October 1985 (North America), September 1986 (Europe), 1987 (UK) UK launch price: Unknown, 9 in the US with Super Mario Bros. Number of launch games in the UK: 8 Key launch games: Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Excitebike Lifetime unit sales: 62 million How was the launch perceived?

When Nintendo was preparing to launch the NES in the West in 1985 - some two years after the machine was introduced in Japan as the Famicom - there wasn't much optimism.

😩❤️ Alright so, the layout is not inherently bad, just different and it IS nice that you can change the colour scheme, but I'm curious as to why they chose to make the icons bigger and list them in that order?

Regular readers will know that I have an oft-repeated mantra: never rule out Nintendo.The Black Eyed Peas’ rapper will.will return to ITV singing contest The Voice alongside Tom Jones, Olly Murs and Jennifer Hudson.

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