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She's a bit of a tomboy, and is late for class almost every day, to the annoyance of Sergeant Heartmann.Panzer IV is your average teenage tank, she likes sweets, pop music, and Anschlussing Eastern European nations.After the first call of every next day, Yancy will ask the player for a Ferris Wheel ride, and if the player has entered the Hall of Fame, she will offer to trade Pokémon after the ride. Pokémon traded from her have Hidden Abilities, are at level 50, and have no predetermined nature, gender, or individual values. Hey if you don't mind, do you want to ride the Ferris wheel? I've been wanting to ride this Ferris wheel for a long time! Only two people can ride it, so I've held out this whole time! On the 50th call, she will accidentally pick up the phone while at work, revealing Yancy in her working outfit. I was guessing you would be older by than me from your voice. During the 51st call, she will apologize about the previous call being cut off, lying to the player that the one who answered was her coworker. It made me a little nervous on the Xtransceiver, you know? The area will change every subsequent time she is called or the game is loaded, whether she is talked to or not, but sometimes, the male player can even call multiple times while in the same area.

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The protagonist's homeroom teacher and drill instructor.She does well in school and her favorite subject is History.