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22-Feb-2020 15:09

I asked God that question everyday and he still hasn’t given me a straight answer.

Maybe I learned too much from this experience to come out of it with a tagline or a 3 point sermon.

I picked up my phone for the first time in over 2 weeks and saw what 18 days worth of notifications looked like. I didn’t want to get out a glass so I went to the bathroom and drank from my hand.

I turned off the light and tucked myself in bed and lost it - I wept.

Of all Kody's wives, Janelle has typically been the least likely to speak out and/or to stir up any sort of controversy -- but she In mid-August, Janelle shared a photo online of her grandson, Axel, giving us a look at the toddler playing in a splash pad and eating breakfast ... Meri has been unhappy for years and even Robyn may be moving away from the family in Arizona. “Our main problem was that we all lived under one roof, which never allowed me sufficient alone time with Kody,” she wrote back then.

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After Matthew left our house, I showed my parents the things I bought.She has a popular You Tube channel titled Miss Janelle G, which has more than 390,000 subscribers.She also has more than 470,000 followers on Instagram.I poured my all into this trip - no phone, no expectations, and no distractions.

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I tried to look at each day with an intentionality and flexible mindset that honestly made this trip pricelessly perfect for me.

By all accounts, it appears as if Janelle was present in North Carolina when her granddaughter arrived, although it's unclear if the same can be said about Kody. Lately, according to a wide variety of sources and outlets, there has been tension between Janelle, Kody and his other wives: Meri, Christine and Robyn.