Working at an adult chat line adult dating stanley virginia

26-Feb-2020 03:57

You can earn a good income working from the comfort of your home and ar hours to suit enjoy the freedom and independence that adult chat / text / cam jobs can give you.This position is for an Adult Text Message Operative, answering messages on a fantasy-based adult sms text network in the UK.

Sucessful applicants will be required to answer a short test of between 10 and 15 questions online in order to guauge the suitability of your skills to this job.I'm not sure there's much money to be made from chatlines any more though, as it seems to be all web cam sites you see advertised. In practice, I can't cut back any further so I NEED the extra income from the cash job.I don't agree with working on top of claiming benefits and not declaring it, but when I was a single parent I only had one child so I probably wasn't struggling as much as you are. (It's only a few hrs a week btw, but even that makes the difference between having the money to get food & well, not). And thanks for asking Strawberry, yes, I'm claiming everything I'm entitled to.I am also paying off quite a big overpayment that happened because he didn't sign on when he left college (I thought I was doing the right thing by discouraging him from claiming benefits...) My friend used to do the text sex lines.

He earned a reasonable amount from it, and I assume that none of the men knew he was a chap either.

But if I could make a bit extra working the chat lines at night & when the kids are at their dads' I could save the money, theoretically... At the moment, unless I work 16 hrs a week (which I can't) I'd be working for nothing.

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