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A stoplight-free future is decades away, maybe more.

Even so, it's a good example of how radically self-driving cars could remake our transportation systems, in positive and not-so-positive ways.

footy Wild footy WILD Brand was launched in 2007 to be the South African identity of Aussie Rules which has programs such as footy WILD Big 5 for primary schools which is equivalent of AFL Auskick, footy WILD High for high schools, footy WILD Extreme for open age competition & footy WILD Roar Talent for talent scouting.

South African National team is South African Lions taking its name from the King of the African jungles.

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Avoidant people neither accede to others' needs nor assert their own. Collaborative mode denotes high assertiveness and high cooperativeness.As my colleague David Roberts says, it's wrong to imagine that AEVs will simply replace conventional vehicles on the road in a 1-1 fashion and all else will stay equal. Massive systemic changes are likely to emerge from a future filled with AEVs — changes that are very difficult to predict in advance.It's much like how the advent of the internet didn't simply replace the postal service.Accommodating mode denotes low assertiveness and high cooperativeness.

Accommodating people will give in to other people's needs and be very reluctant to stand up for their own.Cars will first need to be able to communicate not just with each other but likely with a central traffic controller.

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