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Put plainly, there aresome who go to parties to enjoy the people and music; there are others who getmore joy out of dissecting the atmosphere to figure out what makes it soattractive to the party animals. It is the shy, quiet guy, however that getspushed to the back of the line for his seemingly lack of transparency. Wantto know how many years of hearing you've shaved off of your life hanging out atthe bar, the introvert is your man.

Ironically, most introverts don't see themselves cryptic at all. Want to know who's slept with whom andhe'll shake his head bewildered. The fact is no matter how manymen we dress in the same suit, add to the same circle of friends, or wrap inthe same flag, we are all different.

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Thedeadbolt is turned in our own community where the extrovert is praised asconfident and sure while the quiet guy blends into the furniture.

Morning, lunch and evening commutes were modern version of Along those lines, another large Detroit-based manufacturer sat me at a work-space just under a pole."A8" read in big letters on a sign hanging from a pole overhead. Not surprisingly this company wasnotorious for designing one product marketing it as three "different"models. The popular kids in school havetaken over and our family, friends and potential dates are in on the contest.

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Why would you be interested in dating someone who doesn’t share your faith? Then they go ahead and date someone who going outside. I know that it’s hard to help who you are attracted to, but you have to think about how it will look down the road. What about the day when those kids come to you and say: “Mommy, why doesn’t daddy go to church? That’s a tough question.” It IS a tough question, and pursuing a relationship with an atheist could put you in that unfortunate, and often heartbreaking situation of having to explain to your kids why their parent doesn’t believe in God one day in the future.… continue reading »

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