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17-Apr-2020 21:18

Mrs Henry said: ‘So I cracked one egg which is normal, then I cracked another one and then went “oh my god it’s a double yolker” and said to Max to come and look because they’re really unusual.

‘Then we cracked the next one and it was the same and then the next one and then the next one and it just went on and on. At one point I was like we have to stop cracking these eggs we’re never going to use them all.

It’s part of the disease, you will have periods of use, especially with her history of childhood trauma," he told E!

Finding one double-yolked egg is weird but 14 in a row is unheard of.

Shock on Kenyans as it emerged that the national language is foreign to the youngest child of the President and First lady.

It was as if I'd fulfilled some dark destiny by growing addicted," she wrote in her best-selling memoir about her childhood.