Xmlvalidatingreader tutorial

21-Nov-2020 08:12

ad_id=1470&alloc_id=3638&op=click _______________________________________________ Ccnet-user mailing list [email protected] I have an xml document - it has no internal reference to a schema or dtd file. Now I want to validate this against multiple dtds and schemas at once - these are all external files, i.e. I do not want this info stored in the xml - I want to load these dynamically and test.I am trying to pull data from a SQL Server using a for xml statement and place the information properly into an xml document.

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Take xmlnodes from a xml document and create a new xml document with them. I have a soap response which I am grabbing nodes from.

I need to remove all the address data from the file where code =~ /^000/ (there are none in the example data below). Yes XSLT is a good choice to convert xml file to other forms. Is there any way to parse this XML response string before loading into XML document.