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You could try and stop this service and see whether this makes a difference.Some commands that will reinitialize various network states : Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults : On Windows (even recent versions such as Windows 10), the first step can easily fail.For the sake of backwards compatibility, Windows supports various methods of hostname resolution (hosts file, DNS, Net BIOS/WINS, LMHOST file).Unfortunately, it seems that Windows' command doesn't always attempt a DNS lookup.The problem is transient, most of the day I can connect to the machine just fine. ETA: I left this out for brevity, but it was asked for: ETA: Other applications get the same results. telnet can't connect, Cygwin apps print a "unknown host wolfman" message.Update: Using wireshark, I found that my workstation is not attempting a DNS lookup.

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I noticed that the destination IPs for all the queries were going to IPs on my work's internal network.

WINS is gone many year ago but you might still have Netbios enabled on your interface and PING therefore might use netbios that might not give you any result.

Especially if traffic is passing a router somewhere.

Maybe wolfman.is listed in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts ?

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nslookup bypasses that file and always asks DNS, while ping and other tools first of all look up in "hosts" file, then in DNS.

Network Connections and right click on your network connection and hit Properties. Go to the DNS tab, this is where I had added a DNS suffix for my work but also needed one for my normal home connections. This made me think maybe my network was simply slightly missconfigured.