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It was the start of people saying, 'Hey, maybe she's a serious actress. a great partnership that could represent a true reflection of me and my ideas, and you know, that wasn't happening.

Maybe she's in this for the long haul.' And once you have that feeling, doing work you're really proud of, you want more of it." And that's just what Moore did: she went for more, and not just in the movie business. Although the line only lasted three years, Moore was happy with the run and hoped to have more experience in the future in the fashion business. So next go round, that needs to be top of the list." Despite having success as an actress, Moore struggled when it came to her music career.

, her co-star, Shane West, meant a great deal to her and helped her succeed in one of her first major roles. I felt incredibly lucky right off the bat that I had someone who was as willing to work with me and who was patient and understanding.

He was just the perfect partner for that." How else did playing the character of Jamie Sullivan affect Moore?

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That was my choice." And she's the first person in line to make the statement "There were some really questionable choices." Questionable or not, they were all fabulous choices (at the time).

She dated actor Zach Braff, who she broke up with in June 2006.

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I loved Madonna and Bette Midler, and I had my karaoke machine and would sing their songs." That love of singing would pay off.

As a kid, Moore would perform at sporting events, and then in her teen years, she had her breakout moment.

As she described to , "It was transformative because it came at a time in my life when I was only seen from the pop music landscape and through that lens. As silly as it sounds, there was a real significance in the way that people saw me, but also in the way that I carried myself and that I saw myself.